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At Callas, we provide you one stop solution to all your stationery needs. At Callas , we try to provide the most premium segment of stationery from all across the globe at your door step. From Ring binders to clip files, note pads to desk organizers, every thing at Callas is made of pure luxury. And we have just started.......


The Initiative

After so much travelling across the globe, we noticed that we have been missing the quality stationery products that other developed nations are using. India being the next superpower and one of the fastest growing economy is still deprived of premium segment stationery products. Products which are uselful to keep your office clean and organized, to make sure everything is at the right place. So thats when we decided to launch our brand Callas under which we will deal only in premium segment products which we all deserve. 



Our aim is something which many fast growing companies have forgotten in order to make huge profits. Our primary and secondary aim will always be customer satisfaction. At no cost, we will compromise with it. We will deal only in premium quality products because we all deserve the best.

Most of us spends more time at our offices or in meetings as compared to being at home. So our aim is to make your office life colourful and exciting by introducing colourful and unique products.


Our Products

Our products are quite unique which are intorduced in India for the first time. For eg. our Lever Arch Files are made of 3 layer PP having thickness of 3mm which are available in 6 different colours to bring a new life to your office. Our Desk Organizer category products will ensure you that you have utilized mazimum space to hold stationeries like pen, pencils, letters, files etc. We will keep launching different & good quality products to keep your office and home organized. 


Callas.in is a completely secured & user-friendly e-commerce website having both COD & prepaid facilty. All you need is to spare a minute & register yourself with us. You will not be disappointed. We hope to hear from you soon.... :) 



Callas 360 Degree Rotating Pen Stand Black
Callas Desk Organizer Set Of MagazineBook Rack, LetterFile Tray & Pen Stand
Callas Desktop Organizer With 2 Trays, LD 118-5b
Callas Metal Mesh Desk Organizer, Black, LD 708-05

Metal Item
Clip Board
Desk Organizer
Desk Organizer



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